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Gabriolan Artists for Peace - an exhibition

July 27, 2024 will be the 40th anniversary of the Gabriolans protesting nuclear weapons in Howe Sound. In 2024 , Jonathan Hoskins has been creating plywood Outdoor Peace Doves for Gabriolans to display proudly. These are available for direct purchase with a portion of the proceeds going to the Gabriola Museum.  Click here

Call for Artists
Gabriolan Artisans for Peace - July 25-27 2024


Jonathan Hoskins is creating a weekend exhibition and sale celebrating Gabriola Artists works inspired by the island iconic doves, and Gabriola Island as a safe haven for finding peace in conflicting times. 


We art seeking 30-40 artists who will take a plywood peace dove and create works of art for display and sale at the exhibition July 25-27th at the GAC Hall.


Additionally we will have space for an additional 20 original works of 2D, multimedia or sculptures reflecting the theme of Peace, Reconciliation or Non-violence.  



Create a Peace Dove. 


  • Prepared Doves are purchased from Hoskinsarts for $35.00.  This is your entry fee.

  • Doves are plywood, largest dimension 21" diagonal.  the doves are sealed with high end acrylic primer, then fine one side coated with white gesso or completely painted white acrylic (artists preference). 

  • These doves will be the basis for the show on the weekend of July 27th, submitted by the artists.

  • Asking price to the public will be $175.00 with proceeds (less a 10% commission) going to the artist. Artists may donate their proceeds to the museum 

  • The show is set at a approximately30 dove submissions.

Original Works for Art - Reflecting theme of Peace and Reconciliation 

We are encouraging multimedia artists to consider creative works and sculptures to the show, reflecting the themes. We are especially interested in sculpture, multi-media, glass and fabric art depicting themes of peace and reconciliation.

  • An artist can submit both a dove and an original work of art as the spirit moves you

  • Entry fee Original Works of Art - $20.00. Suggested value of $175 for sale

  • Sale Price determined by the artist.  10% commission to Hoskins Arts. 

  • Wall art should be sized to approximately 18 by 18 dimensions and suitable for hanging on the GAC hanging system.

  • Sculpture and 3D art may need to arrange for display stand.


Hoskins Arts reserves the right to refuse submissions that are in our view deemed potentially offensive, not in the spirit of peace and reconciliation. 

Admission to the event will be free.  Voluntary donations to the museum by attendees will be appreciated.  Separately, outdoor Peace Doves will be on sale with net proceeds going to the Gabriola Museum and Historical Society.  

For further information Contact Jonathan Hoskins directly at, 250 325-0056.  Be sure to leave at name, phone number your interest.

Artist Interest - Please Check

Thanks for submitting! we'll be in touch

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